Monthly Archives: April 2012

Football Social Media grows – 28.7m follow clubs on Twitter

The relationship between Football and Social Media is becoming more relevant every day, only this week did tweets about the Barcelona vs. Chelsea Champions League semi-final set a new Twitter record of 13,684 tweets per second. It was also a week that saw Real Madrid’s Kaka become the first athlete...
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AS Roma Interview on Social Media, 1m Facebook Likes & ROI

Last week AS Roma passed 1 million Facebook Likes Рone of the key landmarks for any club employing a Football Social Media strategy. The Italian side have been ever present in the Social Media world this year, with presences on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest (- and being the first...
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Football Clubs and Blogger Outreach. Where is it?

Football Social Media has come a long way in the past 18 months in terms of fan engagement, player policy and stadium social media. However, one area of social media forgotten about by football clubs is blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is a tactic used by brands on social media to...
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