Why are Manchester United happy to ignore Twitter?

Jonny Pennington

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3 Responses

  1. The article presents a fair reflection of Utd’s social media presence. I ‘liked’ their facebook page but more often than not, I find the posts uninspiring or uninteresting. I still think there is a rush to become the most ‘liked’ club in the world but it most likely masks a low level of engagement. As for Twitter, was amazed Utd didn’t have one and still am. City are streaks ahead of them.

    • Sean Walsh says:

      Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for the comment – I agree with everything. For all there millions of Likes Manchester United are really sinking and uninspiring – meanwhile their neighbors are romping to social media success.

  2. Jonny Pennington says:

    Couple of interesting quotes I’ve since found. United’s head of global sponsorship recently said that the club are still trying to assess what their use of twitter would involve. Shows how little effort is being put into it, as over a year ago (July ’11), the head of marketing Jonathan Rigby said;

    “We were late into social media and were worried a lot about how to approach it as a football club. Our big concern is that if we get it wrong that the fanbase will stop growing. There will be no official Twitter site until we have satisfied ourselves that we have determined a role for Twitter.”

    Strikes me as them being completely naive about it all, and again, happy for big spending sponsors to conduct their own brand based activities instead.

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