Euro 2012: Which teams are using Social Media?

On the eve of the Euro 2012 Championships takes a look at how the tournament international teams are represented on Social Media. Whilst England’s chances of winning on the pitch may be lower than usual, the 3 Lions side certainly outperform any other nation on Social Media – with an incredibly active (and popular) Facebook and Twitter presence. England lead in both Facebook Likes and Twitter followers with 1.4 million and 166k followers respectively. Elsewhere Croatia, Portugal and Denmark enter the competition without any recognisable social media presence – with the latter banning their players from social entirely. Spain’s Twitter ban lasted just 3 days until it was lifted whilst England captain Steven Gerrard revealed that players had been warned to “not tweet unnecessarily”.

Whilst international football doesn’t quite have the wealth and commercialisation that club football has, it doesn’t excuse a lack of presence. We previously reported that football clubs had an accumulated 28.7 million Twitter followers, yet Euro 2012 struggles to get past even half a million with a paltry 482k. Whilst international football might not have the same appeal as it once might, it does have a national population to attract. Social Media activation with the right content and strategy can go a long way to build a stronger sense of patriotism during the competition. Simple videos of former glories, national icons, the best tournament goals are all quick ways to enthuse would-be fans and get them interested. The benefits of this? Hopefully in the short term increased sales in merchandise and in the long term – ticket sales.

Euro 2012 Official Page

Facebook: (369k)

Twitter: N/A

Facebook: N/ACroatia

Twitter: N/A

Czech Republic

Facebook: (25,497)

Twitter: N/A


Facebook: N/A

Twitter: N/A


Facebook: (1.4 million)

Twitter:!/thefadotcom (166,202)


Facebook: (586,893)

Twitter:!/FFFootball (2,638)


Facebook: (1.4 million)

Twitter:!/DFB_Team (129,833)


Facebook: (3,444)

Twitter: N/A


Facebook: (432,054)

Twitter:!/Vivo_Azzurro (263)


Facebook: N/A

Twitter:!/WebsiteKNVB (24,895)


Facebook: (11,646)

Twitter: N/A


Facebook: N/A

Twitter: N/A

Republic of Ireland

Facebook: (62,217)

Twitter:!/FAIreland (22,207)


Facebook: (658)

Twitter:!/official_rfs (1,179)


Facebook: (316,493)

Twitter:!/rfef_es (126,723)


Facebook: (7,522)

Twitter: N/A


Facebook: N/A

Twitter:!/FFU_OFFICIAL (55)

NOTE: It’s been rather difficult trying to determine whether some of these are authentic or not so do comment if you can confirm or if we’ve missed something. Thanks

Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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  1. August 12, 2013

    […] EURO 2012 takımlarının sosyal medya takipçileri konusunda dün bir infografik yayınlamıştık. Burada İngiltere’nin liderliği söz konusuydu. Bugün ise bu sosyal medya hesaplarını paylaşalım istedik. Kaynağımız Digital Football.  […]

  2. February 18, 2014

    […] Wird Deutschland heut Abend siegen? Wie wird die Mannschaft aufgestellt sein? Welcher Spieler wird ein Tor schießen? Welches Land wird am Ende Europameister? Auf Facebook und Twitter wird rege diskutiert über die Fußball-EM und die anstehenden Spiele. Betrachtet man die Fanzahlen auf Facebook und die Follower bei Twitter, dann ist England vorn und Deutschland auf einem guten zweiten Platz. Die Fanpage von England hat 1,48 Millionen “Gefällt mir”-Angaben, die deutsche Fanseite ist knapp dahinter und hat mehr als 1,43 Millionen Fans, aber auch die meisten anderen Nationalteams sind mit einer eigenen Seite auf Facebook zu finden (eine Übersicht findet ihr hier). […]

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