Football club use fans to crowd-source Facebook Timeline cover image

Facebook Timeline has been rolled out this month to replace existing brand Pages. One of the biggest changes to the layout comes in the form of the 851px x 315px cover image that dominates the top of the new Timeline page. In recent weeks many Facebook users have been vocal in their criticism of the radical redesign. So, in a move to get their fans more involved with the transition, SPL leaders (and Glasgow’s only tax-paying club – UPDATE: after lots of angry words from Partick Thistle fans, I would like to note that they too pay their taxes) Celtic FC have asked their fans to design the cover image in time for their new Timeline launch.

Despite it being a simple and obvious idea, it’s a fantastic way to build a relationship with the fans online, as well as raise awareness for their newly updated Timeline. I spoke a couple of months ago about the importance of using fan generated content and why it is far more effective than branded content produced internally.

Celtic’s Digital Director, Tony Hamilton, told

“We have a very artistic and creative online fan community, so it makes sense to get them more involved with our digital content strategy. Our Social Media channels should demonstrate the rich passion, culture and talent that exists within our support. As such, we believe crowd-sourcing potential Facebook cover designs reinforces the club’s ethos that football without the fans is nothing.”

The key message to Social Media staff at football clubs is this, you have passionate, talented and eager brand advocates – just waiting to be more involved with the club. Any other brand would die to have as many fanatical content creators that football clubs so often hold, so don’t waste the opportunity and use more competitions like this to make the most of your content.

Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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