Premier League clubs failing to respond to Twitter users

Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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  1. Interesting post Sean as always. Doesn’t paint a good picture of ‘fan engagement’ and as I’ve felt with clubs up here too, twitter is treated as a broadcast medium.

    Couple of things came to mind for me:

    – abusive tweeters: we all know that most of us use social media responsibly but there are users out there (claiming to be football fans) who use social media as a vehicle for unnecessary abuse or vitriol aimed at clubs and players. These may account for a significant % of the ignored tweets. Whilst its important to highlight these users to bring accountability for their actions, I can see why those in control of the accounts would choose to ignore abusive/inflammatory/inappropriate tweets. The alternative is to report and/or block them.

    – resource: as you’ve mentioned, I would wager a lot of the tweets that Chelsea ignored (ironically) were submitted during the time period before/during/after the greatest moment in the club’s history – the UCL final. Same for City. I’ve seen the stats for the UCL final and I just wonder if those working on the club account in the lead-up/during/post final simply couldn’t respond to the sheer volume of tweets coming their way? That doesn’t excuse it and I agree with your point at the end of the article – want to be a business? Start acting as one and resource these communications.



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