Sean Walsh

In the time I get paid to do stuff, I work as Account Director at twentysix digital working with some of the countries top brands. I work primarily in developing innovative social strategies, helping companies understand their audience in the social landscape and build engaging social presence for major global brands.

Since starting, I’ve been interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live about social media conduct from Premier League players, been quoted as “a leading intersection on football and social media” on and branded a football social media expert by numerous sports blogs and media publications. I also pioneered the world’s first Twitter alert system for spotting controversial tweets from athletes leading the Social Pundit start-up – that subsequently won a Football Business Award in it’s first year.

Outside of work, I am an obsessive Celtic FC fan and aspiring pilot (Though slightly stalled due to err financial limitations!). I love the beautiful game, and I love being right in the action of the social media revolution, therefore it makes sense that I naturally gravitate towards the two.

As a long time enthusiast of both, I’ve always had my own ideas how football clubs (and sports) could do much more. Social Media has huge potential for generating both revenue and better relationships football clubs, but at the minute very few recognise this (or if they do, they have failed to act). I firmly believe that social media doesn’t need to be expensive, it doesn’t need to be arduous and it shouldn’t simply be ignored. Hopefully, I can change that way of thinking through this blog.

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