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Work With Us - Digital-Football.com - Football Social Media & Digital Sports news

Work With Us

Digital-Football.com was one of the first dedicated sites to Sports Social Media in 2010 and has continued to provide insight and commentary on the growth of digital in sports ever since.

Mashable described Digital-Football as the “leading source on the intersection between soccer and social media” in 2012. Since then we’ve provided analysis, recommendations and predictions on the growth of Digital for Sports, and have seen many of our original forecasts and predictions proved right. We’ve been at the forefront of Sports emergence into Digital channels and have helped countless sporting institutions, brands and athletes realise the opportunity that channels like Social Media can offer.

Who are we?

Founded and operated by Sean Walsh in 2010, Sean has worked with some of Sports biggest names and brands specifically on Digital – including Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic FC, bwin Sports, Direct-Golf, Rebecca Adlington, Birmingham City FC, Queen’s Park Rangers FC and more. With over 10+ years agency and clientside experience, Sean has helped brands not just with their Social Media, but also through devising and running multi-million pound acquisition strategies via SEO, PPC, Affiliates and PR. Past clients outside of Sport include Fortnum & Mason, Lufthansa, Lloyds TSB, DFDS Seaways, Unibet and HomeAway.

What Digital Sports services can we offer?

As a leading influencer in the digital sports industry, Digital-Football.com is well positioned to work with sporting institutions/clubs, athletes, brands, regulatory bodies, press and sponsors on the below:

Staff Training & Engagement

Staff/Athlete Social Media Training & Engagement

Providing staff/athlete training sessions specifically for Social Media – what are the rules, pitfalls and opportunities that your staff need to follow to protect and grow your brand online. Training sessions are offered for all athletes from u-16s through to senior teams, as well as internal staff. Sessions are bespoke to your objectives and brief and can cover items such as Social Media Policy, security online, general do’s and don’ts, formulating internal governance.


Digital Sports Consultancy


Whether you’re looking for some help managing and operating your brand’s digital strategy in it’s entirity or are just looking for some advice to help achieve your business goal e.g. hit ticket sales targets, reduce negative PR or activate sponsorship campaigns, we can help. We can work with you and your team to not only improve visibility, awareness and engagement, but also drive real return on investment through revenue/sales.


Campaigns & Content

Social Media & Content Campaigns

Strategy, content co-ordination and production to create innovative and engaging campaigns and content that help hit your business objectives. Whether you’re looking for a viral video to boost ticket sales, an editorial content strategy for social channels and website content or iPhone/Android app development – we can help deliver truly cutting edge campaigns and content to the Sports audience and customer.


Sponsorship Activation

Sports Sponsorship Activation

If you’re a Brand or a Sports team/athlete, we can help amplify your investment to get results that deliver increased awareness, engagement and revenue. We work with with brands to produce high quality campaigns that leverage sponsorship opportunities world-wide. So, if you’re looking to create a campaign or content to break into China or simply want to activate sponsorship across digital – speak to us.


Reporting & Monitoring

Realtime Reporting & Monitoring

In 2013, Sean developed and lead the ‘Social Pundit’ listening tool for sports clubs and brands. Recognised internationally as the ‘most innovative use of technology in football’ at the time – the tool was a world first in helping clubs monitor all their staff and players with a realtime alert system for potentially brand damaging tweets. We offer a similar service to regulatory bodies and clubs to track athlete interactions, engagement as well as weekly Social Media and digital channel reporting.

Want to work with us or find out more?

If you want to have a quick chat how Digital-Football.com can help your sports brand online drop us an email on sean@digital-football.com

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