AS Roma use Vine to showcase matchday experience

AS Roma are quickly becoming one of the most innovative and creative football clubs in Europe when it comes to Football Social Media. The Italian side were the first football side to use Pinterest, the latest to create a dedicated LinkedIn football club page, the first football club to utilitise iTunes playlists and amongst the first to adopt Twitter’s new video sharing app – Vine. It is for the latter that the Giallorossi are stealing the Social Media spotlight.

Last week, covered the first early adopters using Twitter’s new 6 second video sharing app Vine and suggested how clubs could perhaps use the app to help create engaging content for their fans. Specifically, we mentioned that Vine is the perfect app for demonstrating the matchday experience in order to build excitement ahead of matches. The desired consequence of this is obviously to improve matchday social media engagement, sell tickets and generate more coverage for the brand globally.

AS Roma appeared to have taken our advice and are now using the new platform to show clips from the matchday such as the players entering the stadium, as shown below.

Matchday content – particularly anything behind the scenes – has been mastered by Manchester City and seen significant results. However, many clubs still fail to capitalise on their matchday, with many still just tweeting games.

Instead, clubs should be using platforms like Vine, Instagram, YouTube and more, to capture the experience and bring it closer to fans who might be following the game digitally. The value in creating this live content is that it should help the clubs social engagement metrics and brand internationally, but also – it shows that the club cares for its fans that it is willing to cater for those who might not be there.

Hopefully in the next few months we will see more matchday activity from football clubs using Social Media.

Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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