Former Spurs striker Mido makes abusive “your mum” tweet

Former Tottenham, Roma, Ajax and Middlesbrough Egyptian striker Mido was caught tweeting an abusive response to a fan who had insinuated he spent too much time at KFC. The initial tweet from the @FadedFootballers account said,

“Mido – The only box you will find him in these days is a KFC box. He retired aged 30 last year.”


Mido, who has long been the target if fans for his weight, clearly must’ve been searching for himself (as the tweet hadn’t been directed to his main Twitter handle) and took great offence to the tweet by responding with the excessive reply,

“@FadedFootballers my friend the amount of money that I have made from football is good enough to fuck your mum 20 years for free”

The bizarre (and poorly constructed) insult was quickly deleted by the player but not quick enough for someone on to take a screenshot. Mido, who retired last season after one substitute appearance with Barnsley, is just another player to add to the list of athletes giving in to provocations from fans and responding unnecessarily.

Abuse from fans – in the stands, on the radio, in the street and increasingly online – has always been part and parcel of the footballing life. Players, despite often being on the receiving end of awful abuse, have to remain professional and as calm as possible in order to avoid bringing upon themselves negative press coverage.


Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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