Manchester Derby generates 1 million Tweets

This weeks highly anticipated Manchester Derby was another win for Football Social Media. The 1-0 victory to Manchester City not only saw nearly one tenth of the world’s population watch the game (and break Sky Sports viewing records for a sporting event) but generated a massive 1 million tweets.

Last week reported that the total number of users following football clubs on Twitter worldwide was 28.7m. This number is expected to continue grow as the importance and influence of Social Media grows in the beautiful game. A fine example of how clubs are embracing Social Media was Manchester City’s “Tunnel Cam”  – an 18 minute “behind-the-scenes” video that has earned nearly 40,ooo views on YouTube in the last 2 days.

The Wall blog reports:

“The tweets didn’t stop when the whistle blew either – by 10:30pm (about 45 minutes after the final whistle), there were still around 3,000 tweets per minute about the game.

Both sides were represented by their fans, with 357,000 tweets specifically mentioning Manchester City, and 360,000 tweets mentioning Manchester United.”

Football clubs need to ride this wave by investing more time, money and people in utilising Social Media to produce better content and fan engagement. More and more fans are flocking to Social Media to talk about their club and as such clubs need to be prepared to satisfy their hunger for engaging content.

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Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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