Man United accidentally announce Moyes as new manager on Facebook

Manchester United’s press office and Social Media team slipped up this afternoon in announcing David Moyes as their new manager to replace Sir Alex Ferguson. The press office Twitter account tweeted a link with the hashtag #unitedcontinued to their followers directly users to a newly designed tab on their Facebook Page announcing the new manager.

The tweet and the Facebook tab were deleted incredibly quickly, perhaps less than a minute – but this wasn’t fast enough to stop Twitter going into a fury as the news continues to spread online.

The slip up just goes to show the sheer speed and power of Social Media and particularly it is notable that Social Media is becoming the primary source for breaking news over television for such events.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement caused a buzz on Twitter yesterday with over 1.75 million tweets being sent out in relation to the news, again demonstrating how close Football and Social Media are entwined. However, it also shows how important it is on Social Media to make sure information is kept private and no Social Media managers “jump the gun”.

The news was also tweeted by @FIFAcom, who deleted the tweet just as quickly.

Man U announce Moyes on Facebook


As of yet, there has been no official confirmation (well, that hasn’t been deleted!) from the club.

Sean Walsh

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5 Responses

  1. Jo says:

    Could this be a deliberately staged ‘whoopsy’?
    If bet good money this was done to create swell and excitement.

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