Behind-the-scenes at Manchester Derby with YouTube Tunnel Cam

Last year we spoke about the value of football clubs using behind-the-scenes video content to strengthen and promote their social media. Manchester City have released the ‘tunnel cam’ from this weeks climatic derby game against fierce rivals Manchester United on YouTube. The potentially title deciding match was highly anticipated and watched by nearly one tenth of the worlds population  and created a huge buzz on social media. It is no surprise that  Manchester City have capitalised on the event and created a fantastic piece of content of the back of it.

The tunnel cam is an exceptionally great piece of content as it allows fans to under the skin of the club and fosters a deeper affinity with the players. City are successful in social media because they understand the passionate nature of fan identity. City’s own Digital Director Richard Ayers told a few weeks ago that the club create their content as if they were an entertainment brand – this is spot on.

Tunnel cam goes against the grain of what most football clubs are doing at the bottom – broadcast sales messaging or dry RSS news stories.

The Manchester Derby tunnel cam plays to the curiosity of football fans, it shows:

  • >> unseen pre-match rituals
  • >> a sense of what it would be like to be a player (e.g. the noise of boo’ing as United take to the pitch for pre-match warm ups)
  • >> the hub of activity in the sacred tunnel (including a quick visit from Diego Maradona)
  • >> the tension, passion and gamesmanship of the players in the tunnel as they wait to step onto the pitch before kick-off
  • >> the elation from the City players post-match

Tunnel Cam is a wonderful content idea for Football Social Media as it gives fans “fly on the wall” access to areas of the game and club that they would love to experience, but so rarely see.

It also demonstrates that Football Social Media doesn’t need to be arduous or costly, a man with a flip cam and a bit of editing can go a long way…


Sean Walsh

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