How will social media and sports TV work? Here’s a few ideas…

Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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  1. Ryan Fadus says:

    These are very interesting ideas and like you said I am very surprised that no one has thought of this yet. It’s so simple and yet nothing has happened with it. This is a great way to get fans more involved in the game itself and make the experience better for them. With the hashtag idea I remember they did it for the Ravens’ Super Bowl parade and who knows maybe soon it will be popping up on the bottom of the screen during football games. The fancast video blogging is also another great idea like you said it might be a little hard to moderate, but they could really do the same thing they do with moderating the tweets.

    Actually, one site already allows users to broadcast the games from their homes, is called LetMeHearYa. This is almost like the fancast video, but without the video and the broadcasts can be done anyway a person wants to do it. One problem I could see with the hashtag thing is after a whole game of it, it could get every annoying and even in the way if people are trying to see if a person stepped out of bounds or not. Unless, they do it a few times throughout the game then that would be fine.

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