Social Media in the English Football League [GUEST BLOG]

Sean Walsh

Founder of and leading Football Social Media expert.

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2 Responses

  1. Jimmy says:

    Good guest blog and completely agree with the above. In my experience, the advantage that sponsors of the Football League have over Premier League sponsors is that access to the players is far easier to come by. Consequently, giving fans what they want “what happens within the club, insights into the training ground, behind the scenes photos and interviews with players” is far easier.

    We ran a campaign with (then) Championship sponsor Texaco which went down really well with fans and got some real pick-up on official and blog sites alike. We aimed to deliver genuine added value without pushing a sales message and we loved managing the campaign.

    • Sean Walsh says:

      Thanks Jimmy for the comment – looks like a great campaign and you are completely spot on – sponsors should be doing a lot more to utilise players and clubs in order to boost their profile and that of players/teams.

      Glad you agree – it’s all about good content and giving fans the access they want.



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