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Football fans are a passionate bunch, there’s a reason why they are called fanatics. Fans want to know and be part of every aspect of their club, whether that is talking to players on Twitter, reading the clubs finances or doing the stadium tour. Fans crave any kind of access to the lives of their heroes and the going-ons behind the scenes, anything that they wouldn’t usually get to see. So, it wasn’t a surprise to learn that the ever innovative Manchester City are meeting this demand.

It’s no secret that Manchester City are by far without doubt the most creative and innovative club when it comes to digital, but this time they’ve really got it spot on. The club has recently broken out onto YouTube,  represented now by just Chelsea and Man City.  In less than a month, they’ve populated their official YouTube channel with 50 videos – often exclusive and lighthearted interviews from Chairman to Player. But what is really special about their YouTube channel is the collection of behind the scenes videos.

Whoever is in charge of video content at City deserves a huge pat on the back. City don’t push out the usual flat non-engaging video most football clubs broadcast, instead they offer creative, funny and behind the scenes footage. The list is too long to mention but I’ve picked a few of my favourites:

Manchester City understand the needs of their fans, they want their fans to be involved and they shoot creative but relatively short content without the frills and without the sales messages. Far too many clubs approach video with too much focus on production value and return-on-investment, instead, they should be prioritising their target audience and content. Know what your fans want, and then think creatively about how you can deliver it. Fans are fascinated by what happens behind the scenes, so give it to them.

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