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Football Clubs using Instagram to share photos [LIST] - Digital-Football.com - Football Social Media & Digital Sports news

Football Clubs using Instagram to share photos [LIST]

Following on from our article about how football clubs can learn how to use Instagram from US sport teams, we are compiling a list of football clubs that are currently embracing Football Social Media and using Instagram.

Instagram is a fantastic way to create and curate quality photography from matchdays, events, behind the scenes and from the fans – so it’s surprising to see so few clubs active on the app. However, the closed “app only” nature of the Instagram community means that it’s very difficult to access photos or profiles through the web.

Liverpool FC – @lfcinstagram (22790 followers)
Bristol City – @bristolcityfc (264 followers)
Blackburn Rovers – @onerovers (498 followers)
Birmingham City – @bcfcofficial (509 followers)
Huddersfield Town AFC – @htafcinstagram (168 followers)
QPR – @officialqpr (1530 followers)
Everton FC – @officialeverton (1584 followers)
Olympique Marseille – @olympiquedemarseille (3952 followers)
Fulham FC – @fulhamfc (1985 followers)
FC Dallas – @fcdallas (1782 followers)
Manchester City – @mcfcofficial (18,988 followers)
Toronto FC – @torontofc (2,135 followers)
Vasastan BK – @vasastanbk (19 followers)
Zenit St Petersburg – @zenit_spb (1699 followers)
FC Koln – @1fckoeln (791 followers)
América de Natal FC – @americafcnatal (915 followers)
FC Twente – @gctwente (1059 followers)

If you want to follow these clubs you’ll have to search for them in the Instagram app. Additionally, if you (or your club) wants to be added to the list, please just tweet @Walshybhoy or email seanmichaelwalsh [at] gmail.com:

Sean Walsh

Founder of Digital-Football.com and leading Football Social Media expert.

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