Football clubs using Twitter’s new video app – Vine

Birmingham City FC are one of the first football clubs to become an early adopter of Twitter’s new 6 second video sharing app – Vine. Twitter released their new app – already dubbed “Instagram for video” – late last week and immediately received praise and excitement from the Social Media world.

Vine has presented clubs with an excellent opportunity to capture the highlights of a football club – whether that is the day to day routine of a football club, a matchday experience or the signing of a new player.

Birmingham City have already been very creative with the app and have used it in the video below to get their players to very rapidly answer questions posed by their Twitter followers.

Head of Media & Communications at Birmingham City, Andy Walker, told,

“Here at Birmingham City, we realise that social media is always evolving and as a result we’re always on the lookout for further tools to enhance our current output. Vine is an app that we were quick to embrace and one that we feel will benefit our supporters moving forward.”

For Birmingham City, Vine has presented a perfect opportunity to create very engaging content that is quick but also easy to digest. “Pictures say a lot but videos say even more!” said Walker. “So the opportunity to plug official club media content in a short and snappy way is naturally very appealing to us”.

Vine is certainly the perfect combination for football club’s social media accounts and allows them to convey information to their fans quickly, as well as do something quite creative.

Along with Birmingham,  LiverpoolSouthampton and Nottingham Forest have also been quick to use Vine as a way of engaging with fans.

Football Clubs using Vine

What other clubs are using Vine – if you’ve seen any, please let us know by leaving us a comment below.

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