5 Ways Sports teams can leverage Social Media Influencers

Sean Walsh

Founder of Digital-Football.com and leading Football Social Media expert.

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  1. Peter Eckersley says:

    Excellent-just starting at Evesham United FC in a commercial role. Thanks.

  2. Great article. You’re right about teams being more transparent thanks to social media. It’s better being open than having someone hack in the team and make the team look bad, right?

  3. Kaihu says:


    Thanks for sharing your insights. While your article is about how to leverage the social media influencers, it got me thinking about what’s needed of today’s social media tools in order to make everybody’s job easier.

    FYI, my company has an upcoming social platform designed specifically for sports. There are three areas where we try to push the envelope: broad crowd contribution and socialization, real-time usage experience, and extensive tools for the influencers.

    Firstly we want to empower the fans to contribute more and express themselves, such as initiate polls, comment, debate, play a long-running prediction game for bragging rights, etc. Secondly we understand the importance of the influencer so we give them tools to guide and entertain the fans right inside this environment, such as live blogs, live audio/video commentaries, etc. And thirdly we make it very simple to aggregate media content (kind of like a Pinterest pinboard on steroid for the community), so that you have all the relevant content in one place for all fans to enjoy.

    When I compare what you outlined in your article with what we are trying to achieve, I thought I saw that we both recognize the importance of long-term and in-depth fan engagement, as well as the important role that the influencers can play. FYI, you can see an early demo of our site here http://www.smesh.net/pages/980191118. I would love to get your expert input on it, so that we can steer it in the right direction. Please feel free to contact me at kaihu@smesh.net

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