Liverpool FC fans themed wedding YouTube video

A Liverpool FC supporting couple from Singapore loved the Merseyside club so much that they had a “Liverpool FC themed” wedding with official jerseys worn by the congregation, a replica European cup, scarves and of course the club anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone‘.

Just goes to show how fanatical some fans are about their team!

To be honest, I’m not sure what to make of it but I felt it was worth a post on the site as it goes to show that there is interesting fan generated content out there – particularly from fanatics as big as this. This is exactly the type of content that fans enjoy watching – something quirky, different but in the spirit of the club. Hopefully, LFC pick the video up and do something with it in the social space.

Manchester City’s Richard Ayers spoke recently about the importance of sharing the experience of being a fan of the club – communicating the passion to audiences that perhaps don’t follow the game. At the minute the video has 6,332 views on YouTube but if LFC can get this video going viral, then they open a whole world of PR opportunities that could help promote their brand further overseas as well as be seen to be really getting involved with their fans. This video would make a perfect addition to their new Pinterest board.


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